3.5 Very Good


With all the speculations around that one day Bollywood might come up with some consistent performances in thriller genre. Hello Hello there freaks,Its here. After some rare genuine thrills like D-Day, Special chabbis, Madras Cafe and Holiday in last couple of Years, we have yet another from Mr.Neeraj Pandey. His previous films were some, the Indian public hate to see-Sensible genuine thrills. Thanks to some stubborn directors,the mindset in last few years have changed.

Coming to the movie,Baby,its yet another thriller which is surely gonna give you some lasting goosebumps. Incredibly written and directed from master Pandey,the movie portrays a secret organisation,Baby, formed after 26/11 which shocked the world. The Org. aims at exterminating the post terror attacks in India. Following a strict policy of "If caught,No claims from Indian Government",it shows what a real Spy agency has to go throw before capturing a mastermind of terror attacks.

It is not your usual Hollywood non sense CIA crime drama where an agent is a superhuman and the analysts sit back in the control room trailing the agent's footsteps and saying the guy sitting infront of him,"Kill him after the work is done". Nope. There ain't any bullshits like that. This movie will lead you through what it takes an unclaimed secret agency to carry out an operation without any external or internal help. If you think the movie is yet another chase and kill drama as in Hollywood,You Sir,are surely bored of such movies and need a fresh look at this. Akshay Kumar is brilliant is action movies. After a series of comedies from him,We had Holiday,a brilliance from Murgaddan and here we have yet another mind blowing acting from him. Anupam Kher has continued his series of grave acting from A Wednesday and Special chabbis. With Danny,you cant ask more. His naturalism oozed here. Kay Kay Menon,one of the most underrated actors in Bollywood has once again done a commendable job in the movie. With a brilliant script and direction,the movie is a classic must watch thriller. I wont give up all the details here but a preview might be enough. The movie is yet another one of those rare master class. Bollywood has taken a different route and we sincerely hope it doesn't go its old way. Take a large bucket popcorn,Order yourself a Coke, Dim the lights,Jump on your couch and take a thrill journey of a terror world through the eyes of great actors. Acting:-9/10 Direction:-8/10. (A very difficult job in Bollywood) Script:-8/10 (Yet another tough job here) Thrills:-7.5/10 Location:-7/10 (They don't mind draining bucks on that) Soundtrack:-8/10