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All Is Well

All Is Well is a film I actual really tried to like, I am mean even as I write this review I am trying to think of the films best parts but there were not many, the film was just plain boring. I usual lap Bollywood melodrama, if done well a good melodrama that talks about family, parents etc leaves tear is your eyes. All Is Well however doesn't have the emotional connect at all, the story seems half balked, and even if your going down the clichéd, predictable story route it has to be done well. All Is well fails on that accord too,what we are left with in the film is a few laughs here and there.

The films story is about man named Inder who lives in Bangkok and is trying to become a famous singer, but he is struggling to do so. When we get to know his back story we find out he left his house in India 10 years ago because he couldn't stand his dad, who was a failed bakery owner, and wanted him to join his business. He grew up watching his father fight with his mom, and struggle to make ends meet. Inder therefore has a lot of hatred for him. Seeing his parents failed marriage Inder also does not believe in getting married, therefore leaving his girlfriend Nimmi hopeless and forced too get arranged marriage back in India. However things take a U-turn when Inder is conned to go back to India, and finds out his dad has a 20 lakh loan to payoff. His father is hell bent in not selling his bakery to payoff the money, and Inder is now stuck in India, having to pay off his father loan some how. They then after eluding the loan shark Cheema, go on a road trip with his mother who now has Dementia and his girlfriend. The road trip is taken to get his moms Gold Jewelry, from his Uncle who she left the Jewelry with so they can payoff the loan. Thats the films main crux, and to find out more rush to theatres.

Acting wise Abhisek Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor lead the pack and are good in there roles. Asin, and Supriya Pathak have half baked roles. But it is Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub who steals the show,his scenes make you laugh, he is fantastic.

Coming from the man who made OMG one of the best Bollywood films in recent times I excepted more from Umesh Shukla, looks like he is back to the Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge days, his film looks like a small budget dated film. And whats with AB Jr's changing looks?

Overall AIS is more of DVD watch, I mean other then Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub comic act, and couple of other comic sequences, there is nothing much to see in the film. Its highly predictable, and clichéd, and the emotional scenes fall flat. All is not well!