3 Good

Action Jackson

Director Mr.Prabhu Deva work is good. Story has lots of things, which go overboard. Dialogues by Shiraz Ahmed, are OK. Screenplay by Prabhudeva, Shiraz Ahemed and A.C Mughil, offers something new. First half entertains only due to innovative approach of most of the scenes. The main track of luck factor is logical and comical both. Even they try to convey few messages through it. Messages are subtle but good. In the scene, when a kid got refused admission from school on the basis of illiterate father, then the way hero convinces the Principal is appealing. Fighting style with music beats is also new and entertaining. Interval point indicates that now movie is ready to land in the illogical and unnecessary violence area. The main conflict in second half is unreliable. A person never became ready to take risk of his life only for humanity ground and even with his friend. Yeah, we got some comical relief in second half due to this duo but there was no logic at all and it downgraded the villain character too. Climax fight is just like cake walk rather than some brain game in action sequences or in screenplay. Performance wise Ajay Devgan will surprise you with his unique and entertaining style of dancing. He is candidly endearing. Sonakshi Sinha looks beautiful and fits completely in her bubbly character. Yami Gautem looks pretty and acts good. Kunal Roy Kapoor is very good. Manasvi Mamgai as Marina, wears perfect attitude and expression. Music by Himesh Reshmmiya is good and choreography makes it very good.