3 Good

Action Jackson

Action Jackson is a story of Vishi and AJ fighting against bad goons and bashing them as they are hunting down AJ and his family..

Every Movie has it's pluses and minuses but here biggest plus is superb performance by Ajay Devgan and in some parts by Manasvi Mamgai who impresses in her debut she can go far. Sonakshi Sinha and Yami Gautam do the usual.It's direction where the film falls for Prabhudeva at least when compared to his own standard he gave in Wanted and Rowdy Rathore. Even the script is predictable but it's engaging screenplay which makes it quite intriguing. Dialogues are also worthy and even though film drags it never boring.

Biggest drawback is the films predicability and the film at times films like there is no story only masala. This might be because the film was made keeping only the masses in mind.

Overall it's a typical Masala Hindi film with good comedy thanks to Kunal Roy Kapoor, great action Devgns sword fight is to look out for, and some romance. A decent screenplay and good music makes it a fair venture. The film has no real good story, and this a complete critic free film because its a leave your brain at home affair.Go for it if you are Ajay Devgan or masala film fan.