1 Poor

Action Jackson

I would like to kick off this review by saying 'PLEASE AVOID THIS MOVIE'. This movie is completely bland and has nothing to offer. The plot is missing, acting is atrocious and dancing is redonkulous. I respectfully implore Prabhu Deva to come to his senses and stop this malarkey.

The movie showcases Sonakshi Sinha as a Barbie doll (once again, huh) strutting across the screen being gullible to the extent of appearing pathetic. However she does show some great dance moves.

Yami Gautam has a very small role to play most of which includes appearing as an arm-candy for AJ. She appears dolled up all the time. Things stretch too far when she appears in a hospital bed with lipstick and gloss. Got to take care of looks, huh Yami !!!

Anand Raj portrays the role of main antagonist. His bald look with an odd tattoo appeared laughable.

Kunaal Roy Kapur, frankly was the only saving point of this horrendous affair. His goofy appearance and funny dialogue delivery were the only saving grace for the movie. Although I have to agree that he went over the top a few too many times.

AJ - Me Criminally Good. Movie Pitifully Bad.