3.5 Very Good

7 Khoon Maaf

Almost every indian woman, once or may be more than that thought of killing her husband, why?? Because almost every man is flirtious,suspicious jealous, 2 timing, strange, idiot, and may be running bad on luck… well, why I’m telling you all this, because these are the reasons why Sussanna kills all her husbands.
All the stories are near perfect, and perfectly captured by the director(Vishal Bhardwaj), neil nitin’s acting is too good, john abraham’s story was a bit slow, but then onwards, when sussanna go to kashmir and meet Irrfan Khan, the film really moves on and brings some really nice shots and dialogues, Irrfan’s character was a revelation and brings what you just cant imagine. The russian actor is good too and infact that’s where the movie pick up the real speed, and brings some really good moments, then came Annu Kapoor, wow this man surely knows how to act, his dialogue delivery is so perfect, and he litteraly has the best dialogues in the movie and the best shots, you will know what I’m talking when you see the film. And finally it’s the turn of Naseeruddin Shah, another veteran, though his story was a short one, but very interesting… and last but not the least Sussanna’s 7th husband, well, I cant reveal that coz that’s the real climax which will make you really happy about the whole experience of the movie and yaa, there’s one more person who acted in this movie, well, that’s Ruskin Bond, yeah yeah the writer of SUSSANNA’S SEVEN HUSBAND, the original short story, on which this movie is based. He did a small scene in the bar at the end, many people will not even know this, because they don’t recognize him, but now I have told you..
NOTE – this film has very strong adult scenes and some very strong dialogues(F**K, u know what iam talking naa?) which may not be appropriate for certain audience… so, don’t go for this film with someone you wont be able to handle those moments of privacy… hihihihih…..