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“LSD is trippy yet sensitive, raw and yet realistic” – Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor“>

She is the one responsible for the turnaround of the idiot box. She is also responsible for the launching of many of today’s superstars, not just on TV, but also on the silver screen. She is none other than Ekta Kapoor, the undisputed queen of entertainment.

She is also the producer of the recent released and highly spoken about film Love, Sex Aur Dhokha. Bollywood Hungama gave its surfers an opportunity to get up, close and personal with the lady on celebrity chat.

But if you missed the chat, here are the excerpts of the same.

Ekta Kapoor: Hi This is Ekta Kapoor only on Bollywood

cute MAHAK: hi ekta, good to see u here on chat….

Ekta Kapoor: hi mahak…

hamd: elka tell us about LSD pls…

Ekta Kapoor: LSD is about the voyeuristic nature of our society and is captured by 3 diff cameras which form 3 different stories in the film

Ekta Kapoor: sabgi…newcomers were needed for a filmlike LSD it has stories that have influenced our mindset

and happened to real people like the MMS scandal and various sting operations.

dharmin: i see ur all tv seial.. .where do u get inspiration for them?

Ekta Kapoor: dharmin…from real life


Ekta Kapoor: sid…sure

Ekta Kapoor: in the plans

Shiva: you mean to say in real life all these things and those incidents happen?

Ekta Kapoor: Shiva…yea

sabgi: y hav u gone with all newcomers for LSD??

Ekta Kapoor: sabgi…newcomers were needed for a filmlike LSD it has stories that have influenced our mindset and happened to real people like the MMS scandal and various sting operations.

Ekta Kapoor

sonu123: which was the first tv programme that you produced?

Ekta Kapoor: sonu…it was called Dhoom Dhamaka and it was for a network in UK


Ekta Kapoor: Aaj Din Chaddeya

dharmin: ekta kitni mohabat hai fir se start kar do…

Ekta Kapoor: ha ha ha dharmin….i want to but channel nahin chahta.

smith: Do you feel TV allows you to be as adventurous as cinema?

Ekta Kapoor: smith…no lots of social responsiblity and huge audiences make you deal with simple and basic emotions.

kang21: Ekta-ji if you have to choose a Bollywood actror for your serial which one would you choose??

Ekta Kapoor: kang…Emraan Hashmi

smith: Any plans of marriage we r waiting for good news?

Ekta Kapoor: even i am waiting for the good news…when i get it ill give it to you all

Rahman: Hi Ekta Kapoor… Is there any chance to see Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai, one of your most popular serial, back on TV with Iqbal Khan and Neha Bamb in the lead roles??? All the fans of the show have been dying to see the magic again

Ekta Kapoor: Rahman….nahin all the actors have moved on but yes I like the show.

smith: which is u r new tv shows?

Ekta Kapoor: smith…my new TVshow is Keshav Pandit on Zee TV its a thriller.

kang21: ekta ji can you cast tusshar pls in one of your serial ?? ^^

Ekta Kapoor: tusshar not doing my serials…what to do?

Ekta Kapoor:

Ekta Kapoor


Ekta Kapoor: Sid…indo pak bahut sensitive issue hai aaj kal but definitely thought bahut achcha hai.

rajesh: hai ekta ,can u take me in you serials

Ekta Kapoor: hamara website hai…uspar apne photos upload kariye

deepak: wat do u think ur best movie is which u have produded?

Ekta Kapoor: Shootout at Lokhandwala

sabgi: any plans of acting in one of ur serials?

Ekta Kapoor: no sabgi…i am not an actress

kang21: who do u think is the best in the industry today?

Ekta Kapoor: Aamir Khan

SID…: what about directors who do u think is the most versatile?

Ekta Kapoor: Dibakar Banerjee , Vishal Bhardwaj, Neeraj Pandey are my favorites

BALAJI ROCKS: hello ekta mam good evening, i want to know what made u make a film like LSD?

Ekta Kapoor: its a very trippy yet very sensitive film. Raw, yet very realistic. No beautiful locations, no pretty actors , no great sets but a very very interesting take

on the times we live in.

shilpa: which would be ur fav holiday destination?

Ekta Kapoor: i love Pune

Ekta Kapoor:

BALAJI ROCKS: hello ekta mam good evening, i want to know what made u make a film like LSD?

Ekta Kapoor: its a very trippy yet very sensitive film. Raw, yet very realistic. No beautiful locations, no pretty actors , no great sets but a very very interesting take

on the times we live in.

kiran: what do u think the audience reaction will be like to such an open film?

Ekta Kapoor: kiran…i dont know. I know some people will love it , some may hate it but no one will ignore it.

sabgi: is LSD releasing in UK?

Ekta Kapoor: not yet sabgi…we want to take it to some festivals.

Ekta Kapoor

Chand: why are you guying choosing such scandalising ways to promote the film…if its good it will work…why try cheap tricks

Ekta Kapoor: Aaahhhhhhhhhhhh……

Ekta Kapoor: i dont think its scandalous chand but people usually get scandalised by reality. Its your perception and you are right…if its good it will work. No other

reason will make it work.

Rahman: Ekta, whatever people might say, your old serials were better… Kasauti, Kahaani, Kyunki… We would still love to have shows high on drama, you know

the old magic/flavour

Ekta Kapoor: sweet. I am planning something similar …will keep you guys posted.

smith: which is u r fav food

Ekta Kapoor: Punjabi cuisine and Gujarati cuisine

Rahman: Do you plan to do a film with Karan Singhh Grover from Kasauti and Dill Mill Gaye fame?

Ekta Kapoor: no rahman…no plans as such

supersexy: Tell me sumting…what was teh future of teh reality show where teh guys and teh girls were made to smooch?

Ekta Kapoor: that was content for web and not under my supervision so I really dont know.


Ekta Kapoor: i am very shy SID…

jptttt: whats going on with Kya Kool Hai Hum -2??

Ekta Kapoor: i am not making it fornow

Chand: Ekta how much do you contribute in the scripting of ur serials…do you think scriptwriters today dont know where and how to end serials gracefully

Ekta Kapoor: Chand…i think its never the serial writers who end the serials but always the viewer.We are constantly making what viewers want. As far as my

concentrationon scripting is concerned, I overlook 2 – 3 shows only now.

Ekta Kapoor

supersexy: Whom do u feel that Prachi looks best with >?

Ekta Kapoor: I think Prachi looks best with Ram Kapoor

hellod: how come you jumped from Saans and Bahus to Love Sex and Dhoka? Is it that attractive a film?

Ekta Kapoor: its not attractive hellod…its shocking, provocative , raw and with an attitude.

Nubistret: Hi Ekta ,Why do you wear lots of gems .

Ekta Kapoor: they are for astrology

smith: which is u r fav actor between jetandra and amitabh?

Ekta Kapoor: both are good smith

supersexy: What do u do when u get angry ?

Ekta Kapoor: when i get angry, ……… Idont think, I just do

sumit: will you make movie with prachi desai?

Ekta Kapoor: i am sumit…she is acting in Once Upon A time In Mumbai

Lennie: I would love to see Tusshar and Kareena together back on-screen, make a movie with them?

Ekta Kapoor: Tusshar and Kareena….i must tell both of them…they are good friends.

sonu123: which is your favourite film of all time?

Ekta Kapoor: sonu….my fav film of all time is this English film As Good As It Gets.

sabgi: Ok ektajee all the best for LSD and all ur current n future projects from all fo us in manchester University!! wish we could see u on camera…

Ekta Kapoor: sabgi…so sweet of you..try to catch my film …i think youngsters will love it.

KaranKundraFan: what do you think of karan kundra?? and are you planning to cats him along kritika in a new serial?

Ekta Kapoor: karan and kritika may be in one of my future shows. NOt planned as yet
but definitely thinking.

Ekta Kapoor:

sumit: is you offical website

Ekta Kapoor: no sumit…it isnt

rupa raj: are u on face book or twitter?

Ekta Kapoor: i am on Facebook…i love it

sonu123: why do most of your tv programmes start with the letter K?

Ekta Kapoor: no longer sonu…they were a part of our brand packaging earlier …now i have done away with the K.

Ekta Kapoor

harshal: who is ur fav actor??

Ekta Kapoor: my fav actor is Shah Rukh Khan

Akram: Ekta we want too see more of sujal type intense lovers in ur serials or flims….

Ekta Kapoor: Akram…i agree…am doing a very interesting male character now for a new show of mine…hope you like it.

Ekta Kapoor: its a production out of my new company ALT Entertainment that was formed to make differential content.

~xYREO~: hey ekta what waqs the hardest part of making LSD?

Ekta Kapoor: LSD…to promote it was the hardest part

Ekta Kapoor: no stars, no attractive looking people, just raw reality

smith: What?s the next big idea?

Ekta Kapoor: Our audiences donot understand the concept of FRIENDS…at least not the general masses and TV caters more to them and their issues.

Akram: can we see more of LSD types in future…

Ekta Kapoor: Akram…LSD is one of its kind…its not like DEV D, its not like any other film but if our audience accepts it , a lot of independent filmmakers who

think different will get a chance.

gaurav: will u cast smriti again in ur serials

Ekta Kapoor: smriti is a fab actress but now running her own prodn house

Chand: u think Pavitra Rishta is for mass appeal..u think 20 years from now people would sit and enjoy tht….im sure my kids would love friends tho….

Ekta Kapoor: …chand…unfortunately TV is really mass and encompasses such large numbers that any kind of disturbing, differential content is not accepted.

benforyou: Hi ekta..ever thought about venturing into the reality tv space?

Ekta Kapoor: no ben….i decided to make a reality movie instead

gaurav: ur fav actress

Ekta Kapoor: my fav actress is Sridevi…she was classic

sumit: you changed the way of indian women they are now become more confident and smart good looking by seeing your serails will you give more tips to indian

women by your website

Ekta Kapoor: is not my website sumit

Ekta Kapoor

keenu: how do we send u story ideas? i have some with me as well as scripts?

Ekta Kapoor: keenu…u must send them on, its not only for actors but we are constantly searching concepts there.

keenu: you were suppose to start a film with amisha patel,what happened to that

Ekta Kapoor: never planned keenu

Chand: well….why r we using serials to talk abt social issues…i wud wanna come home and get entertained….trust me too much preaching can be

annoying…what say

Ekta Kapoor: Chand…TV is for entertaining i agree…but such large mediums cannot leave out social responsibilities.

Ekta Kapoor: Chand…FRIENDS is remembered by a few of us but all of us remember
Buniyaad and hopefully will remember the shows that our India is growing up with..

KaranKundraFan: what happened to the film for wich there was a reality show called “bollywood ka ticket”?

Ekta Kapoor: KAran…the partnership between the three – the channel, Balaji and the other production house did not materialise and as you know the channel is no

longer functioning fresh programming…they were going to be our partners.

shah murad: u r favrite sport?

Ekta Kapoor: Squash…I love it

kashish: i just wondered can u make a part 2 of kaisa yeh pyaar hain with same starsssssssss

Ekta Kapoor: ill try kashish

sumit: will you make your offical website?

Ekta Kapoor: official website is

Ekta Kapoor: guys…pls gimme your feedback on LSD…I am sure it will start many debates …Positive or Negative …all your feedback is welcome…Love

Love…Always…Ekta xoxo

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