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“It was Salman who convinced me to get into films” – Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha“>

She has debuted with a bang with the Salman Khan starrer Dabangg and there certainly seems to be no looking back for Sonakshi Sinha. As the film continues to break all Box Office records we at Bollywood Hungama bring you excerpts of the chat which Sonakshi did a few days ago live on Bollywood Enjoy!

Sonakshi Sinha : Hi This is Sonakshi Sinha only on Bollywood

Gauri : Hi Sonakshi. How has ur day been?

Sonakshi Sinha : hi gauri! so far so good!

Praful : How was it working on the film…give us details

Sonakshi Sinha : hi praful! was great working on the film! had a blast… best experience ever!!!

Sonakshi Sinha : hi praful! was great working on the film! had a blast… best experience ever!!!

reema : if not actress den wat was ur other career option ?

Sonakshi Sinha : hi reema! i was studying to be a fashion designer, so i guess that would be the way to go

kevin : hey sonakshi just wanna let u know ur fan following is growing by gigantic numbers. u ready 4all dis

Sonakshi Sinha : kevin! im gearing up for it.

Jabroni : How did you react to when all said that you are the Find of 2010 (which is an absolute fact btw)?

Sonakshi Sinha : hi jabroni! i dont react! its still quite unbelievable to me

saurabh : m follwng u on twtr also….n how ws ur expernce workng with salman khan…

Sonakshi Sinha : hi saurabh! it was a super exp!

Niraj : sonakshi ji,did you regularly visit the sets of shatru saab as a child?

Sonakshi Sinha : hi niraj! not regularly…. but sometimes yes! it was a whole new world for me

Sonakshi Sinha

SAMEER:( : hi sonakshi u r one of bollywood’s most gorgeous girl

Sonakshi Sinha : thanks sameer

jas27 : Whats ur fav type of cuisine?

Sonakshi Sinha : hi jas! fav food is punjabi food

BeingRajani : Hi, Sonakshi I am ur fan and salman also… I Want to know that Who is ur favourite ACTOR?

Sonakshi Sinha : hi rajani! my fav actor was is and always will be Shotgun Sinha

towhid_ : wht type of music do u like 2 listen 2 the most ?

Sonakshi Sinha : hi towhid! twitter se yaha bhi pahuch gaye? right now toh i only listen to the dabangg soundtrack

Arjun.Kapoor : You are not even typing, who is typing on your behalf

Sonakshi Sinha : hahaha…. i am typing arjun.kapoor… theres a lag happening… so ur watching me while im chilling

shruti : sonakshi.remember i asked u bout hw much juice do u drink per day..haha

Sonakshi Sinha : shruti!!! hahahaha…. yes i remember! and u asked how many LITRES that too… hahah

Sonakshi Sinha : hi jas! fav food is punjabi food

aysha : i m jst sitting n admiring u ..n cant ask u wat to ask

Sonakshi Sinha : come one aysha, think of something!

saddiqn : r u single

Sonakshi Sinha : yes saddiqn – im single!

sonam : may i know ur birthday mam

Sonakshi Sinha : sonam, my bday is on 2nd june!

JonaSallu : Would you like to work with your brother in a movie?

Sonakshi Sinha : of course jona! if a good script comes along for the both of us! but obviously in a bro-sis role : p

erika banerjee : lk wat actually did u learn frm dis first film of urs?

Sonakshi Sinha : erika, ive learnt everything about acting from my first film! it was a training ground for me

Sonakshi Sinha

Javed : Is Salman really moody?

Sonakshi Sinha : javed – hes as moody as you or me

Zaheer Khan : hi sona i m from Pakistan and love ur movies promo tell me when u r coming to Pakistan?

Sonakshi Sinha : hi zaheer! lovely to hear from across the border! i want to make a trip there soooon

Mayukh : how do u feel about ur career starting with Dabanng???

Sonakshi Sinha : mayukh – couldnt have asked for a better start

neeraj : which cell u use?

Sonakshi Sinha : neeraj – i use an iphone

Rahat : what is ur nickname?

Sonakshi Sinha : rahat my nickname is “sona”

Sonakshi Sinha : rahat my nickname is “sona”

mehboob040 : sonakshi yesterday in the news i came to know you hurt your foot in Hydrabad last day…

Sonakshi Sinha : no mehboob, im absolutely fine not to worry!!!

darshan : hi sonakshi any planning for coming down to Ahmedabad ?

Sonakshi Sinha : darshan the movie is just around the bend so dont think so

Avinash : i Like Your nose piercing

Sonakshi Sinha : hey thanks avinash

Cadburylove : Shahid-Imran-Ranbir (Rate them!)

Sonakshi Sinha : hahaha…. cadbury is gonna get me in trouble! im not a critic, not gonna rate anyone hhahaha

Sonakshi Sinha : no monika, more than designing, i prefer to style myself

towhid_ : name 3 best qualities of salman !

Sonakshi Sinha : towhid – sense of humor, patience and humility

apurva16 : i m 100percent sure u gonna pic all awards of next year for dabangg

Sonakshi Sinha : thats really sweet apurva – thank you

reema : perfect option !!! must say u dress fabulously

Sonakshi Sinha : thanks reema

Sonakshi Sinha

nasif : hayy do u hav fb id….

Sonakshi Sinha : no nasif, im not on facebook

monika : as u r fashoin dsgnr then u design ur own cloth also?

Sonakshi Sinha : no monika, more than designing, i prefer to style myself

jas27 : What made you get into movies in the first place? Did u always want to be an actress?

Sonakshi Sinha : jas it was salman who convinced me to get into films!

Amju431 : sona,, hw do u feel being actress?

Sonakshi Sinha : amju – still trying to act like an actress

Sonakshi Sinha : sallulicious! my fashion sense is cool and casual!

divya : hy sonakshi did ur dad want u to become an actor ?

Sonakshi Sinha : hi divya – yes it was a mutual decision! as long as im doing good work, hes fine with it

kevin : wish you all the best n i hope you we see you in more films as we love u more dan any other actress

Sonakshi Sinha : thanks kevin! thats really sweet!

Fiona : how do you feel being an actor? are you happy or wants to be something else?

Sonakshi Sinha : hi fiona! im loving what i do… cant imagine doing anything else now! so its acting for me

Niraj : sonakshi ji,have u done any acting/filmmaking course or workshop? plz tell us abt. It

Sonakshi Sinha : no niraj! i havent, the transition from designing to acting was so quick i never really got the time!

Shayal Kumar : Which khan are you willing to work wit next?

Sonakshi Sinha : hi shayal! got your tweet! im willing to work with them all !! hahaha

Sonakshi Sinha

destroyed : hey!!Say hi 2 me!!because m the only one here representing pakistan

Sonakshi Sinha : ooops…too late destroyed – already said hi to a paki fan! but a big shout out to you too!

SalluLicious : How would you describe your fashion sense?

Sonakshi Sinha : sallulicious! my fashion sense is cool and casual!

madhur : Tere mast mast do nain… this song perfectly matches the beauty of your eyes

Sonakshi Sinha : thank you madhur!

Mayukh : what is ur fav movie in which ur father acted??

Sonakshi Sinha : mayukh – my fav movie of my dads is kala patthar and khudgarz

chulbuli : Hey Sona, Rhea here.. luv ur looks in Dabangg. how was it wrking with the whole Khan team?

Sonakshi Sinha : hi rhea! it was suuuuperb! they are an awesome family!

Shayal Kumar : Whats your favourite holiday destination?

Sonakshi Sinha : shayal – i love dubai

Sonakshi Sinha : amit – i feel really small! Dad is a stalwart and its tremendous being compared to him!

Gurwinder : what in punjabi food

Sonakshi Sinha : gurwinder – rajma chawal zindabad!

sammz : Any visits to the middle east in the near future Sonakshi

Sonakshi Sinha : sure hope so sammz!

ankit khare : i am ready to watch dabang with my frnds after my exam on sunday 12 th sep

Sonakshi Sinha : best after exam gift ankit hahaha

reema : whatz the idea behind ur nose ring ? actress these days dont go 4 it .. r u gonna tak it out ?

Sonakshi Sinha : reema – its just something ive been wearing for 8 yrs now!

Sonakshi Sinha

Amit_From_kota : How do u feel being Compared with Shatru Ji

Sonakshi Sinha : amit – i feel really small! he is a stalwart and its tremendous being compared to him!

Lokesh : White Suits U alot!!! Angel

Sonakshi Sinha : thanks lokesh!

Mayukh : hve u signed any other movie??

Sonakshi Sinha : yes mayukh, but too soon to talk about it!

Rahat : u r the most simple, sober & gorgeous beauty i have seen

Sonakshi Sinha : thanks rahat! i hope to be that way always

Moazzam : hi. i love ur nose ring style. u luk beeeeeeeeeeeautiful in that. keep it always. for me its ur luck

Sonakshi Sinha : i love it too !thanks moazzam!

Javed : where are you currently in some studio? or at home?

Sonakshi Sinha : im at home javed!

harry : kya phle CHUL BUL PANDE ka rol sonu sood kr rhe the?

Sonakshi Sinha : harry, woh aap sonu sood se hi pooch lo

sammz : hey sonakshi… is this live… cud you do a v sign or send a flying kiss to all your fans…. plz

Sonakshi Sinha : sammz – done!

Sonakshi Sinha : ok guys! time to run! was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper chatting with ull lots of love! and go watch dabangg on the 10th!

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