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“I like living in India but I do miss LA” – Shruti Haasan

Shruti Haasan“>

She’s one of the most versatile upcoming stars of tinsel town. The star kid Shruti Haasan – actor, singer and music composer, was on an exclusive Bollywood Hungama Video Chat to catch up with her fans across the world. If you missed out on the opportunity, we have the chat transcripts right here. Have a good read!

umer khan: hi shruti how are u?

Shruti Haasan: hi

Hitesh : hi shruti wssup how ru??? ur lookin very sweet

Shruti Haasan : im good!!! thanks!!:D

Hitesh : so wat abt ur netx release when is it comin?

Shruti Haasan : well right now working on a telugu film

Shruti Haasan : hindi in a bit

Hitesh : Shrutiji, “will u be my valentine?”

Shruti Haasan :

umer khan : Hi. are u working with salman khan?

Shruti Haasan : nope

SAM-frm-HYD : i luv ur voice… advance valentine wishes…

Shruti Haasan : same to you!

viswa : telugu film against sidharth?

Shruti Haasan : yes with siddharth its a film called yodha

prateek : hello shruti ji how r u? I liked your role in luck

Shruti Haasan : thanks prateek!!

hassan khan : shruti is it easy or difficult ot b star kid ?

Shruti Haasan : its neither actually

Niraj : Shruti ji, is it true that you have composed music for the remake of A Wednesday?

Shruti Haasan : yes it is

vivek kk : hi are you working with zayed, fardeen and vivek?

Shruti Haasan : nope

Shruti Haasan

Niraj : Shruti ji, do you follow Hindi Film Music? If yes, what is your opinion about the current scenario?

Shruti Haasan : i think hindi film music has become very diverse and im really excited to see all the positive changes!

Hitesh : so wat about ur relationship status?

Shruti Haasan : SINGLE!!

Hitesh : which is more glamourous… “sarree or bikini”?

Shruti Haasan : it depends on the saree or the bikini

prateek : shruti ji who is your fav hero and heroine

Shruti Haasan : shahrukh is my fav and madhuri!!

priya64 : How was it workin with so many big stars, like Sanjay Dutt and Mithun da?

Shruti Haasan : it was a lovely experience i learned a lot

Shruti Haasan : 🙂

I think Hindi film music has become very diverse

priya64 : Whats was ur favourite song from Luck?

Shruti Haasan : i like the one i sang cause i had a great time recording and performing it

priya64 : Do u have any new hindi movie lined up? when do we get to see u playing a main lead heroine???

Shruti Haasan : looking at scripts

Shruti Haasan : very soon

phototrophic : who is ur idol?

Shruti Haasan : madonna!

priya64 : Any actor or director u wud like to work with?

Shruti Haasan : all the good directors

priya64 : U r a great singer are u ever going to release a music album? I think u shud…. it will sure be a huge success!

Shruti Haasan : thanks priya!!

SAM-frm-HYD : Hi there…. Ihav seen Luck 35 times..

Shruti Haasan : 35 times!! wow

raheel : do u have a plan to host any music show? We would love to see u on TV.

Shruti Haasan : thanks raheel something for me to think about i guess

priya64 : I visit ur MySpace site once in a while n its great , n also following u on Twitter

Shruti Haasan : thanks priya!!

DEV:) : shruti is it true that you are moving to mumbai?

Shruti Haasan : yes i am!!

Shruti Haasan

priya64 : where is ur favourite holiday destination??

Shruti Haasan : goa!

Waji Khan : Shruti, you like keepin long hair?

Shruti Haasan : yes i guess

~ZeUs~ : what would u consider as a dream role?

Shruti Haasan : hmmmm

hassan khan : shruti wt will b ur dream date ?

Shruti Haasan : dont know !

~ZeUs~ : which genre of films do u prefer most, comedy, action, thriller?

Shruti Haasan : i think all genres have their strengths

DEV:) : shruti ji its my birthday today

Shruti Haasan : happpy birthday dev!!!!!!!!!!

~ZeUs~ : what genre of music do u listen to?

Shruti Haasan : i listen to all kinds of music!

hassan khan : shruti r u planing 2 release ur music album

Shruti Haasan : yes i am!!

Shruti Haasan : soon!!

priya64 : wads ur fav madonna song??

Shruti Haasan : hmmmm i love substitute for love

david : Hai Shruti, I have heard you are doing a movie with R.Madhavan ?

Shruti Haasan : no david i was supposed to

Farhaan-ord : shruti whats the secret of ur beauty? and how does it feel for being so beautiful?

Shruti Haasan : hahah thats sweet farhaan

SAM frm HYD : Hi Shruti.. am ur Die-Hard friend pls tell me if u are on any social nterwok ru using face book or orkut

Shruti Haasan : facebook!

Shruti Haasan

Khanvict : shruti who is one actor u always dreamed of working with?

Shruti Haasan : marlon brando!

priya64 : I had asked about the Jee Lee song, loved it and wanted to learn the steps for a sangeet performance over here, but cudnt manage to do all the steps coz

it was quite difficult, so I had to make up new steps for it.. how was the experience?

Shruti Haasan : lol priya well hope it went well!! it was a superb experience

priya64 : have u ever been to bangkok? u shud come ehre.. u will love it esp the food.. btw whats ur fav cusine?

Shruti Haasan : i have been to bangkok and i looooved the food

hitesh : Hw did it feel while doin d stunts in ur movie?

Shruti Haasan : it was scary sometimes hitesh but mostly lots of adrenalin and fun!

priya64 : next time u come i will take u shopping 2! 😛 can?

Shruti Haasan : yay!! shopping!

Amjad : shruthi ji u resemble ur mom Sarika ji she is also a beautiful woman just like u…

Shruti Haasan : thanks amjad thats very nice of you

shona : Tell us about your education? Did u go to school in Chennai?

Shruti Haasan : yes i did i went to school in chennai at a school called ABACUS A

Rahul : Salam Shruti, u look really really sweet…!! Rahul here from Pakistan..

Shruti Haasan :

Balasubramanium : What can we expect from your new album? Preview of the theme please?

Shruti Haasan : well its on myspace some of the music

I like living in India but I do miss LA

antigen : Your music in unnipol oruvan was cool

Shruti Haasan : thanks!!

priya64 : do u miss living in LA?

Shruti Haasan : no i like living in india but i do miss LA

Farhaan-ord : Hi there how are u doing today? u rock on award night and congrats for winning your first award i wish i would give out that award.

Shruti Haasan : farhaan thats sweet of you thanks

Salim : Hi Shruti ! this is Salim From Afghanistan

Shruti Haasan : hello salim!

Shruti Haasan

alig7787 : Shruti, what are your favourite bands?

Shruti Haasan : llllloooooots of fav bands

Aamir : wow you look more beautiful over here than we have seen you

Shruti Haasan : thanks aamir

antigen : any plans of doing another tamil album?

Shruti Haasan : i am considering a tamil project for music yes

nivico : salam shruti, i m from karachi. my name is asad

Shruti Haasan : hi asad!

shona : whats ur plan for this valentine?

Shruti Haasan : no plans!!

IshaniK96 : What Do Your Prefer Singing Or Acting ?

Shruti Haasan : i love both!

hassan khan : shruti wats ur favourite accessory u alwayz keep?

Shruti Haasan : dont have a fav one

I would definitely look forward to working with my father

YESHAS : shruti can u speak tamil and malyalam?

Shruti Haasan : i speak tamil of course and i understand malyalam

Shruti Haasan : a bit

Amjad : any plans to visit dubai soon mam?

Shruti Haasan : i hope so amjad!!

sunny : u will work with ur father in a hindi film? ur father is g8 director

Shruti Haasan : i would def look forward to working with my father

priya64 : what was ur fav movie of 2009??

Shruti Haasan : i liked dev d

mankirat : wat are ur hobbies………….

Shruti Haasan : my hobbies ahh usual stuff tv books that kinda stuff

Shruti Haasan

priya64 : which one song do u hear pratically everyday? that u love n cant stop listening to it?

Shruti Haasan : hmmm i would say it changes from day to day

Shruti Haasan : but i love listening to the beatles

Shashank : Hi Shruti, you are looking really stunning today. Which is the last movie that you saw that you really liked?

Shruti Haasan : thanks shashank!!! i really liked sherlock holmes

rizashahab : hey ur big fan from indonesia

Shruti Haasan : dying to visit indonesia

Salim : how was the expereince of working with Imran khan?

Shruti Haasan : very good experience!!

Mista Moses! : do u read? Who are ur fav authors

Shruti Haasan : i read a lot well not so much anymore

Amjad : mam plz consider doing a kannada movies specially with sudeep he will be dream match for me to c u with

Shruti Haasan : ok amjad i will!!

ahmad.saudi arabia : we love u in saudi arabia

Shruti Haasan : thanks ahmad!!

rizashahab : whats ur fav hindi film of forever?

Shruti Haasan : mughal e aazam

I want to get a jet plane!!

YESHAS : would u like to direct a movie in the long run?

Shruti Haasan : someday yes i would look forward to that

Shruti Haasan : but maybe in a 100 years so much to learn!!

IshaniK96 : I Would Love To See You With RANBIR KAPOOR!

Shruti Haasan : ok!!

IshaniK96 : In what age did you start singing?

Shruti Haasan : hmmm 5

antigen : lots of regards from bulgaria

Shruti Haasan : helllloooo to bulgaria!!

kayshika : what is your workout regime like? What do you eat?

Shruti Haasan : i eat food mostly

Shruti Haasan : i work out just a bit of cardio and i eat high protein

Waji Khan : Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

Shruti Haasan : hmmm after 5 years happy and happier

Shruti Haasan

swappppppp : how was ur school n college life?

Shruti Haasan : school and college was a loooot of fun

hassan khan : in ur short career u hav achieved alot wats the 1 thing which u want 2 get?

Shruti Haasan : i want to get a jet plane!!

Shashank : were you a school heart throb or a geek?

Shruti Haasan : i was a geek

ahmad.saudi arabia : What is your best perfume?

Shruti Haasan : i love black xs and bvlgari black

hitesh : wats on ur wishlist? like gems or cars

Shruti Haasan : cars with gems on them

~ZeUs~ : what the crazziest thing a fan has done for u?

Shruti Haasan : hmmmm zeus nothing too crazy..phew!

nivico : which car u like most?

Shruti Haasan : i like suvs mostly

swappppppp : Ms Hasan, Please tell me something really interesting about you..

Shruti Haasan : ?what do you want to know swapppp

Saikat : what r ur upcoming projects? would u be interested in Indo-European coproductions?

Shruti Haasan : of course saikat

Shruti Haasan :

babyblue : loved ur angry chemistry with ravi kissen ji how was it working with him?

Shruti Haasan : very good baby blue

hitesh : i m your craziest fan n i hav made my ntire room painted wit her names n pics only

Shruti Haasan : wow hitesh thats so sweet

Shruti Haasan : thanks

Shashank : chocolates or flowers??

Shruti Haasan : chocolates and flowers

~ZeUs~ : what would u love ur fan to do for u besides watch all ur films?

Shruti Haasan : watch them again

mankirat : Would u like to be in an indian dress up wear or western wear?

Shruti Haasan : both!!

Shashank : awards or critical acclaim?

Shruti Haasan : both!!

ahmad.saudi arabia : Do you listen to Arabic music ?

Shruti Haasan : yes i do sometimes !

Mista Moses! : u did well in action, are u a big timer when it come to livin on the edge and what about adventure sports?

Shruti Haasan : well im not so adventurous in real life

babyblue : how do u spend ur usual day??

Shruti Haasan : depends on the day i guess

Shruti Haasan

nachi : Your eyes are exactly like ur father. Deep & intense

Shruti Haasan : thanks nachi

Shruti Haasan : i will tell him!!

babyblue : what have been ur most memorable moment in ur life till date?

Shruti Haasan : so many memorable ones

shona : what profession u would have chosen if u were not an actress

Shruti Haasan : hmm i would be a singer!

Amankaushik : Do u ride bikes?

Shruti Haasan : motorbikes no cycles yes

babyblue : how close are u to ur parents?

Shruti Haasan : quite close

Shashank : one role in the near past that you wished you had done?

Shruti Haasan : i try not to look back or regret

I try not to look back or regret

hhhhhhh : whats ur education

Shruti Haasan : im a music graduate otherwise not an academic degree ((

itsbid : have u had any training in any dance form as u dance very well

Shruti Haasan : thanks!!i used to dance yes

swappppppp : Do you have any plans of coming to ahmedabad for any promotion?

Shruti Haasan : i hope tp visit ahmedabad

kannu : hi shruti. Are u a romantic?

Shruti Haasan : yes i am!!

dhiren : hey shruti pls tell us which is your next movie??

Shruti Haasan : yodha!

Shruti Haasan : guys it was so nice to chat with all of you today!!!

Shruti Haasan : wish we could chat more and more!!

Shruti Haasan : see you guys on twitter and FB!!

Shruti Haasan : lots of love

Shruti Haasan : xoxo!!!

Shruti Haasan : sorry guys gotta go!!

Shruti Haasan : see you soooonnnnlyyyy!!

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