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“Anjaana Anjaani is my best film” – Siddharth Anand

Siddharth Anand

He is the supercool director of films such as Salaam Namaste, Ta Ra Rum Pum and Bachna Ae Haseeno and is all set for his next biggie Anjaana Anjaani. He is none other than Siddharth Anand.

Siddharth Anand was live on Bollywood Hungama‘s video chat a few days ago and for all those who missed the fun, here are the excerpts:

Siddharth Anand: hi guys

rambug: Hiiiii Sid sahab !!! Welcome. Nice 2 c U here

Siddharth Anand: hey

Niraj: Siddharth ji,please tell us about your film.what is it about?

Siddharth Anand: its a love story


Siddharth Anand: hi bacha ae hasino! nice name

Niraj: Generally love stories with misunderstandings & tiff look ordinary.are such things part of your film

Siddharth Anand: hi niraj there are no misunderstaings in this even i dont like that!

rambug: Whats your best track from ANJAANA ANJAANI ?

Siddharth Anand: rambug.. i love tujhe bhula diya

vivster: Hope you will come back to Sydney soon

Siddharth Anand: yes vivster should come soon

Ali 420: sid u shud do more films wid ranbir coz he sure rockz

Siddharth Anand: yes ali i will do more films with rk

Siddharth Anand: yes ali i will do more films with rk

raj prasad civasta: hiiii sir ap bohut ache director ho

Siddharth Anand: thank u raj prasad

Amreena: I hope you also remember me from the letter Viv sent over in Australia

Siddharth Anand: yes hi amreena

Niraj: Sajid Nadiadwala claimed this is best work of Vishal-Shekhar.They did better in ur earlier films.

Siddharth Anand: no niraj this is my best film!

movielover: what do you think about Salman Khan? will u work with him in future? interested?

Siddharth Anand: movielover . i love salman khan

maggi: how are you? Anjaana – Anjaani looks great and I am really looking forward for the movie..

Siddharth Anand: thank u maggi!!

Siddharth Anand

Niraj: siddhart ji,aditya chopra wrote story of Bachna..was he involved in screenplay too?

Siddharth Anand: niraj yes adi was involved in screenplay too..even dialogues

Maggie: Hi sid, i m frm singapore really lookign forward to watch AA… i promise i will watch the first day

Siddharth Anand: thanks maggi u r very generous

Amreena: How was it shooting in San Francisco and Vegas? Looks like you guys had a blast!

Siddharth Anand: SF was just fab

maggi: seen your blogs and watched videos of SF and LA–looks you guys had a blast shooting..

Siddharth Anand: yes maggi shooting is always fun on my sets

Ali 420: wat is da budget of anjaana anjaani?

Siddharth Anand: the budget of anjaana is around 25 cr

Siddharth Anand: the budget of anjaana anjaani is around 25 cr

maggi: Why dont you take SRK in your movies.. I would love to see you directing him..

Siddharth Anand: if srk ever agrees that is!

Niraj: priyanka chopra in much senior to ranbir in films.dont u think would be difficult to digest?

Siddharth Anand: no niraj she is fab with him in the fiilm they are same age

fragile: shiddharth jiiiii whom do you love the most in dis wrld and y??

Siddharth Anand: fragile: my family, my wife my son they are most imp and that is the way it should be

Ali 420: hw cums u took pryinka 2 act in dis film wen last year she had sooo many flops

Siddharth Anand: ali she is a fab actor. hits and flops dont matter

maggi: do you have a cameo in AA like in BAE and SN?

Siddharth Anand: i had no cameo in bah

Siddharth Anand

Amreena: Who is more fun on set, Saif or Ranbir?

Siddharth Anand: saif and rk both are a lot of fun


Siddharth Anand: because i am young BACHNA

Niraj: Siddharth ji,have you done any filmmaking course etc?please tell us how you came into films?

Siddharth Anand: no niraj ive done npo course

muhammed ali: hi Siddharth iam muhammed ali….mujha bus ya poochna hai ka apki movie pakistan maay release hoge

Siddharth Anand: yes muhammad pakistan mein bilkul hogi

harsh: sir wats the scope of new directors in industry

Siddharth Anand: harsh, theres more scope than ever today for new directors

Siddharth Anand: harsh, theres more scope than ever today for new directors

Amreena: Do you think your sense of “direction” has matured since Salaam Namaste?

Siddharth Anand: amreena yes i learn from evry film

Arun: if you were given a choice to remake any film which would u choose and y?

Siddharth Anand: arun i would love to remake prem rog

Niraj: Siddharthji,which are you all-time favourite filmmakers of hindi cinema of all-time?

Siddharth Anand: best film makers for me are raj kapoor, yash chopra and subhash ghai

Siddharth Anand: best film makers for me are raj kapoor, yash chopra and subhash ghai

harsh: sir is it necessary to get technical education for direction

Siddharth Anand: yes harsh little technical knowledge is imp

Aamir: do u think bollywood has grown in terms of content?

Siddharth Anand: yes and no aamir

Aamir: pls elaborate why yes and why no….

Siddharth Anand: aamir. earlier also we had fab subjects

Siddharth Anand

muhammed ali: your fav movies Siddharth…

Siddharth Anand: prem rog and meri jung are my fav movies!!

Amreena: What is the craziest thing a fan has done for you? =)

Siddharth Anand: amreena u have set up all my movie fan pages

Niraj: Siddharth ji,have you seen the work of Guru Dutt & B.R.Chopra?

Siddharth Anand: niraj, no i havent seen

Siddharth Anand: no guru dutt no bimal roy

Siddharth Anand: no manoj kumar

fragile: Siddharth jiiiii wat is your fav dish and y??

Siddharth Anand: fragfile i love food. periof

Siddharth Anand: period!!

Haroon: Siddharth y dont u work with aamir khan

Siddharth Anand: i will approach aamir when i have something worth his while

Amreena: Do you like Pink? Because you seem to pull it off very well.

Siddharth Anand: hahha! yes i like pink. my wife introduced me to it

sid88: will u direct a muvi with ranbir n kareena playin brother n sister?/

Siddharth Anand: hi sid88

Niraj: Siddharth ji,will we see all the songs in the album picturised in the film which is rare today?

Siddharth Anand: yes all the sonngs except the remix of tujhe is picturised

Siddharth Anand: yes all the songs except the remix of tujhe is picturised

harsh: u wanna work with ajay devgan

Siddharth Anand: ajay devgan is a fab actor

Deepali: while making a film what are the key ingredients that come to play? besides script and actors ofcourse…

Siddharth Anand: deepali script actors, music editing and mixing


Siddharth Anand: jodhpur main kal udaipur ja raha hoon

Siddharth Anand

Reetu: while shoot do have predeveloped story boards or do u shoot on the go?

Siddharth Anand: reetu, no storyboards

bstar: wassup sid..waiting to see the film. Love the title song

Siddharth Anand: hi bstar

Amreena: Can you tell us anything about your movie with Saif?

Siddharth Anand: amreena, nothing on that yet

Niraj: Siddharth ji,dont u think there is too much of rock & sufi in all film albums these days?

Siddharth Anand: niraj, maybe..but it all sounds good

fragile: Siddharth ji most of your shooting is done in usa … any reason y??

Siddharth Anand: fragile not most only 2 films

rambug: Why dont u be hero ?

Siddharth Anand: rambug, who will make me hero

harsh: have u ever edited a film other than those urs

Siddharth Anand: harsh nop i have not

Amreena: Well, hope there will be something soon, as I need to make a new fan page =)

Siddharth Anand: hahaah

rambug: which type of music would u like to listien

Siddharth Anand: my music

Aamir: y have we lost our origanality in story… while hollywood is really stunning us this year

Siddharth Anand: thatis untrue Aamir

Amreena: Do you have any favorite scene from Salaam Namaste? The Salaam Namaste would love to know!

Siddharth Anand: my fav scene from salaam namaste is when saif hears the baby kick

Siddharth Anand: my fav scene from salaam namaste is when saif hears the baby kick

Ali 420: wats ur fav colour?

Siddharth Anand: fav color is black, ali

Niraj: Siddharth ji,how did you get your first break as a director?

Siddharth Anand: i was just plain lucky

Siddharth Anand: last 5 min guys

Siddharth Anand

harsh: wats ur message to youngsters who are aspriring for direction

Siddharth Anand: get a dgree in education as a back up

Ali 420: hav u decided 2 make a horror film

Siddharth Anand: no aliu

Niraj: Aditya Chopra/Sooraj Barjatya/Karan Johar.Who is your story maker from recent times?

Siddharth Anand: adi chopra…genius

Siddharth Anand: bye guys.

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