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Movie Features

Salman takes another shot at 200 crore club with Dabangg 2
By Joginder Tuteja, Dec 11, 2012 - 11:29 IST

Dabangg 2 When almost every contemporary of his is looking at consolidating his place in the 100 crore club, Salman Khan is finding himself in a different planet altogether. While leading the pack in the century club, what with as many as four films already in there, he is eyeing the much coveted 200 crore club with Dabangg 2.

"100 crore is passe now, not just for him but every superstar worth his salt. Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgn and now even Ranbir Kapoor has cracked it. Aamir anyways started it all. So for how long can one continue to bask in the glory of something which is fast becoming a trend and is almost a rule than being an exception. The new 'mantra' is 200 crore. Only Aamir is sitting pretty there after 3 Idiots. Now Salman is the one who can take a possible shot at that mark", comments an insider.

To Salman's credit, he did come precariously close to achieving that with Ek Tha Tiger. However his film fell a few crores short of that mark and though it is the second highest money spinning film ever after 3 Idiots, the fact remains that Salman missed the chance with a whisker.

"He is not saying it yet but deep within everyone associated with Dabangg 2 is not just hopeful but also confident that this is one film which would cross the milestone", the insider comments, "After all, on its release Dabangg had crossed the 140 crore mark and two years down the line, the buzz as well as the market is manifold. Moreover this is a true blue sequel. The hype is unprecedented and there is no reason why 200 crore won't be a possibility."

Add to this the fact that the film has no competition whatsoever for three weeks straight till the arrival of Imran Khan's Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola and Salman could well be sitting on a jackpot this Christmas.

Now if only Santa was hearing his wish as well and be ready to bring on his bag full of goodies, Bollywood could well be benefiting from a grand finale like never before.

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