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DVD Reviews

DVD Reviews

  • Nasha

  • Released on: 16 Oct 2013
  • Cast: Poonam Pandey,Shivam Patil, Sheetal Singh, Vishal Bho...
  • Director: Amit Saxena
  • Genre: Adult,Thriller
  • Running Time: 119 min
  • Review: Nasha, there is no shock value either. If at all the film manages to work to some extent, it is due to the tenderness that the male lead Shivam Patil ...
Bajatey Raho
  • Bajatey Raho

  • Released on: 9 Oct 2013
  • Cast: Tusshar Kapoor,Vinay Pathak,Ranvir Shorey,Vishakha Singh,Rav...
  • Director: Shashant A Shah
  • Genre: Revenge,Comedy
  • Running Time: 107 min
  • Review: Bajatey Raho leaves you with mixed emotions. While you do like what plays on screen in those quick fire 100 minutes...
Shuttlecock Boys
  • Shuttlecock Boys

  • Released on: 9 Oct 2013
  • Cast: Aakar Kaushik,Manish Nawani,Alok Kumar,Vijay Prateek
  • Director: Hemant Gaba
  • Genre: Drama
  • Running Time:
  • Review: Now this is one of those offbeat niche films that saw a sparse release in theatres and an even more negligible arrival on DVDs