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Ishkq In Paris


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Ishkq In Paris

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Ishkq In Paris
By 17 Sep 2012, 10:54 hrs IST
Rating: 3/5 | 

There are good expectations from the music of Ishkq In Paris. After all, director Prem Raj had ensured some good melodies in his debut flick Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna ('Don't Say Alvida' stays on to be one of the best melodies created by Sajid-Wajid) and with the composer duo returning with Ishkq In Paris, one expects a lilting outing. Meanwhile, multiple lyricists come together to lend words for five songs in the album.


Album gets a good start with 'It's All About Tonight'. What makes this club song special are the portions in French (written by Sophie Choudry) which are seductive to the core and go down perfectly with the Paris setting of the film. Soon Sunidhi Chauhan comes to the fore and she gets just the right attitude in place to sing for Preity Zinta on whom the song is picturised. There is a good amalgamation of rhythm and melody here and the simplistic tune only makes this Priya Panchal written song all the more catchy. Rahul Vaidya is heard only briefly but makes his presence felt in this song that should make it to the DJ list.

What turns out to be a downer though, both in terms of pace as well as overall quality, is 'Saiyaan' which is routine and predictable to the core. It is sad to see Rahat Fateh Ali Khan not quite coming up with an unforgettable outing in the genre that has actually made him a household name today. On the contrary this sad number written by Prasoon Joshi turns out to be a speed breaker in the scheme of things as one expected the album to continue on an upbeat mode. However 'Saiyaan' is anything but upbeat and though it may be right for the genre, it doesn't really work for a listener due to its Deja Vu appeal.

There is something to cheer about all over again though with 'Jaane Bhi De' which takes one back to the 'Don't Say Alvida' mode. Though latter still stays on to be a superior combination due to its feel good effect, even this song by Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan boasts of some very good melody. Almost an unplugged version which is sans any distraction whatsoever, 'Jaane Bhi De' written by Kausar Munir is a beautiful romantic number that would be accentuated further with some eye pleasing visuals. The song deserves to be heard again and solo version by Wajid (quite restrained and effective) makes that happen.

What follows next are a couple of quintessential Punjabi flavoured celebration numbers with 'Teri Choodiyan Da Crazy Crazy Sound' arriving first. Belonging to the age old traditional mode, this Jalees Sherwani written number has a good pace to it and should basically find an audience up North for the weddings and other celebrations.

On the other hand Kumaar written 'Kudiye Di Kurti' is the kind of song that could well have been designed for Salman Khan, considering the fact that it is picturised on him. With a hint of 'Dil Le Gayi Kudi Gujarat Ki' to it, this 'naachgaana' celebration number is something that had peaked during the 90s with Salman Khan as well as Preity Zinta dancing to such numbers back then. Since the couple is returning for a song belonging to the same genre in Ishkq In Paris, it is nothing less than nostalgic even as Sonu Nigam gives his all to make it just the kind that would have Salman fans happy. A winner!


Ishkq In Paris delivers as expected and what you get to hear is a satisfactory soundtrack that has a couple of songs managing to fetch instant attention as well. While 'It's All About Tonight' should find its place in the clubs and discotheques even after the film's run, 'Kudiye Di Kurti' is the kind that should keep the makers happy due to its catchy beats and presence of Salman Khan. Meanwhile for those looking for a soulful outing, there is always a 'Jaane Bhi De'.


Kudiye Di Kurti, Jaane Bhi De, It's All About Tonight
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